Friday, January 8, 2016

(A Domestic) _Accepted proposal_ Runway magazine/platform: "Ecologies" issue

(A Domestic)The word “ecology” is derived from the Greek word oikos meaning “home,” thus an ecology is quite literally a study of the home, which is interesting only in its obvious feminine undertones, as though such disciplines refer to the fragility of nature against human (male) intervention. The notion of human control over environments that are essential to all life, one would hope, is contemporaneously understood as misguided, and yet all things pertaining to bare life and to home life, “caring labour” and the domestic, are consistently undermined by discourses that privilege a kind of thought independent of its source, absent a body. The work would take the form of a video essay, an homage to the work of Chantal Akerman, specifically the films “La Chambre” (a short film literally revolving around what is presumably the home of the director), and “Letters from Home” (a rich visual survey of New York in the 1970s, coupled with a voice over of letters apparently from the director’s mother). It will be a paean to domestic art (both Australian and of the home), compiled of video footage of the artist’s own home, the ‘walked’ experience of Sydney, as well as engagement with other artists and musicians, and overset with poetic text on the theme.

(For Elise Harmsen).

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