Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some images from "Minor Works"

Minor Works, 2015. Organic lime wash, stone paint and enamel (mistints) on discarded canvas, 2015.

The Firmament (art of the Glass Ceiling), 2015. Organic lime wash, stone paint (mistints) and acrylic  on discarded bedsheet.

Text reads: 

Fermenting: Proto Germanic, literally to seethe. Pouring myself into the void like it could take me, crossing the firmament to be of the liquid again, preserved in brine, soused to meet my outsides, for want of a catalyst, to ferment. Developed as a process over thousands of years of discipline. I have a military industrial complex that the pharmaceutical industry seeks to sustain, offering me ways out that are in, and I don't distinguish between the drugs I choose and the ones that choose me. We're calling these references hackneyed because potentiality is unavailable to us, and that's why we have a military industrial complex, one of those simple confusions over causation, all these abstractions in which we trust. It's that reek when we have wasted, not permanent except that it will be, at least not the reek of humanity, but its evidence, punctuation amidst the artifice.  

Is This Still Life (Sunday Painters' Society poster), 2015. Organic lime wash, stone paint (mistints), oils, pastel, texta and macaroni on discarded canvas.

Study for Ceremonial Upskirt, 2015. Organic lime wash (mistints) and enamel on discarded canvas.

Walking Fucking Quardiplegics, 2015. Organic lime wash and stone paint (mistints) on discarded bedsheet.

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